Cutting and Styling

Dry Cut£13.50
Dry Restyle£16.50
Blow Dry (Short Hair)£14.50
Blow Dry (Long Hair)£17.50
Blow Dry & Restyle£28.00

Cut & Blow Dry (Short Hair)£24.50
Cut & Blow Dry (Long Hair)£27.50

Styling and Hair Up

PlaitFrom £4.00
Fringe Cut£3.00
Hair Up £15.00 to £25.00
Straightening£8.00 to £10.00
Curls using Wand/Tongs£10.00 to £20.00

Senior Citizens

Senior Dry CutFrom £12.50
Senior Restyle£15.50
Senior Blow Dry (Short Hair)£13.50
Senior Cut and Blow Dry (Short Hair)£23.50
Senior Shampoo and Set (Short Hair)£12.50
Senior Cut, Shampoo and Set (Short Hair)£19.50


Cap Highlights (Short Hair)£40.00
Cap Highlights (Medium Hair)£43.00
Foils Half Head/ T-SectionFrom £50.00
Foils Full HeadFrom £55.00

Permanent Colour (Short Hair)£43.00
Permanent Colour (Medium Hair)£48.00
Permanent Colour (Long Hair)£53.50
Colour Strip Extra £13.00
Toner Extra £6.00


Shampoo & Set (Short Hair)£13.50
Shampoo & Set (Long Hair)£15.50
Cut, Shampoo and Set (Short Hair)£21.50
Cut, Shampoo and Set (Long Hair)£25.50

Permanent Wave Treatment

Perm (Short Hair)£38.00
Perm (Long Hair)£55.00
Piggy Back Perm £65.00